I thought I would include what poetry I have dabbled in writing over the years just for the heck of it. The inspirations for most seem to have been infatuation with some particular female or another in my younger years... these poems date back probably ten years to the latest one, as that is about when I started trying to get my first novel done. To put it in perspective, my computer at the time had Microsoft 3.1 and used those 5.5 inch paper floppy discs and had a monochromatic monitor that was all of 12 inches diagionally...

Tale of two:  The first three books of the Castle Alleyne series summarized in rhyme.

Between: A bit descriptive of the Ream Between featured in the books as well.

Forever: An experimental bit of Olde English poetry (I think... not sure what to call it!)

Promised: Just about my oldest bit of doggerel, dating back to oh... about 26 years ago or so.

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