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      This is the first book of my epic fantasy series, the Castle Alleyne Tales. In this book, we follow one of the main characters as he discovers his Gift and all the responsibilities that come with it. He is soon swept into a vast network of lies, deceptions and illusions that the King and his renegade Royal Mage have cleverly crafted. It is only through his own strong beliefs, sheer luck and the timely appearance of an ancient Mage who goes by the name of Maerlin that he finds himself and makes his choice between the two paths of life. Along with the help of another Mage who was inadvertantly displaced from his own world, a semi-faithful steed, and a ragtag bunch of rebels, he finds himself battling for the very survival of Mankind... and to fulfill a promise that he made to a friend.

 I am currently seeking representation for this book by a qualified literary agent.

134,229 words, 347 pages formatted 6x9

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