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     The Fires of Paradox is the second book in the Castle Alleyne series. It takes us along with Briana as she discovers and learns to harness her Gift.
     Born into a prophecy that she is one of the two Protectors of Mankind, all Briana wants it to lead a normal life. Instead, she must leave home to escape a vindictive witch-hunter, live in a chicken-house while learning how to use her Gift of Magic, overcome the everyday turmoil of being a teenager, then force herself to return to the village that chased her out as their new Healer.
     When she finally meets a man who also has the Gift, she quickly falls head over heels for him... or so she thinks.She learns first hand that things aren't always as they appear, and that help can sometimes come from very unlikely sources.

I am currently seeking representation for this series by a qualified literary agent.

95,153 words, 260 pages formatted 6x9

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