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      I would like to dedicate this collection to those who still color outside the lines, who dance in the rain, who can see around the corner… you know who you are. Keep that spark alive, and pass it on to those who might relish it for what it is… imagination, creativity, the never-ending search for the great “what-if”… call it what you will.

Lets imagine, if you can, that is, that nothing is exactly as we see it; that differences of opinions might very well exist based on differing points of view as to what really happened at certain places and times.

Lets imagine that now, for the very first time, we can see things as they really happened, from the viewpoints of those who were there, who had it happen to them personally. Not from those unreliable eyewitnesses who molded what they saw to fit their own narrow-mindedness, and discounted what they refused to believe.

What follows is a collection of my short stories, some shorter than others, but all based on seeing things from an angle where normal people never go… and probably shouldn’t.

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