Tis midnight in the smoky glen

The time of spirits, feared by men-

When time and senses fall apart

And fears of death do fill your heart.

When denizens of far below

Are free to travel to and fro-

Faeries, nymphs and slimy trolls

Venture forth in search of souls.

Fleet of foot and foul of mind

They will seek until they find

The weak, the sick, in mind and heart

To pull you down, rip you apart

To kill your hope and slay your dreams

To drag your essence in between

Full of danger for those who dare

Those heedless souls who journey there

To beard the old one in his den

The foul one seated amidst his kin

A fate most terrible is waiting, true,

Of screaming souls, a witches brew

Of eternal damnation, and this I’ve seen

For I oft journey in between

For I can see the beauty there

Challenges for a knight who dares

To seek, and search for a single rose

To be with her as their love grows

A loving touch, a warm embrace

To gently caress, and kiss her face….

Her pearl-like neck, her cheeks, her lips

And of each other needs must sip-

To drink, the thirst that can’t be stilled

To taste of love until they’re filled

I’d gladly chance the foul ones lair

To kiss your lips, caress your hair

To share with you our hearts desire

To light the lights of eternal fire

My heart- my hope- of you I dream

For thee I’d journey in between.

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