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The Dragonbone sword-- Cover art and synopsis.
     Chapter one: Excerpt from Chapter one of the Dragonbone Sword.
     Chapter three: Excerpt from Chapter three of the Dragonbone Sword.

The Fires of Paradox-- Cover art and synopsis.
Prologue from The Fires of Paradox.
     Chapter eleven-- Excerpt from Chapter eleven of The Fires of Paradox.

The Battle Between-- cover art and synopsis
     Chapter One--
Chapter one of The Battle Between
     Chapter 6-7--  Excerpt from The Battle Between

Twists and Turnings-- Short stories
     The Chosen Ones
     The other side of Nowhere
     Irving the Reluctant Dragon
     The Gathering
    Midnight Munchies
     Shades of Knight
     Bag Limit
     Clean Slate *NEW


Just for Kids-- Alyssa's Big BIg Trouble

C&R 03 FFL FIrearms Acquisition and Disposition Bound Book

Photograph credits to Miguel303XM for the photograph of Castle Alcazar de Segovia. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License. In short: you are free to share and make derivative works of the file under the conditions that you appropriately attribute it, and that you distribute it only under a license identical to this one.

Current Projects: The story of a young man thrown into a realm where he suddenly has magic, no idea how to use it, and three Princesses that don't know the meaning of the word "No!"
Vengeance-- The crooked cops had taken away all that he had... his family, his freedom- even his name. But Brice was back now... and payback was overdue.
Dragons and Darklings-- Book Five of the Castle Alleyne series. Briana must manage her two new dragon charges as they find themselves in the midst of yet another threat to mankind.
Of Mice and Mages-- Book Six of the Castle Alleyne series. Andrew finds an unlikely mage and in the process foils a plot.
Down the Rabbit Hole-- Book Seven of the Castle Alleyne series. Heather gets a wake up call
as she and Robin cross Realms and risk discovery.

      Welcome to the website of B.L. Robinson... I would like to invite everyone to view these pages, upon which you will find bits and pieces of my current works in progress as well as those that are already finished. I am just now beginning my search for a literary agent, which is partly the reason behind finally setting up this site! I have the first two books in my Castle Alleyne series finished with two more started and outlined, as well as one stand-alone fantasy novel and a book of short stories, one of which won Honorable Mention in the 74th Annual Writer's Digest Writing competition in the Fantasy genre.

     I also want to include my views on the craft of writing... the joy that it brings as well as the fact that it is hard, HARD work at times. You will also find pages that describe my less-than-joyful experience with one company that proclaims itself to be a traditional publisher... something that any author should beware.

So enjoy yourself, any and all comments or criticisms will be read and duly ignored, based on their worth as judged by ME and only me, since it is my website, I truly think that is fair and just! Just respect that all materials on this website are copyrighted and are not to  be reproduced or used in any manner without my express and written permission.

B. L. Robinson

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